Many women consider having additional children in the near future, while others are unsure of their plans. Some women choose to postpone any thought of another pregnancy and look at future birth control options. There are several methods to choose from, and each option has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Intrauterine Device (IUD)

An IUD is a small device that is inserted into a woman’s uterus by her doctor. The device prevents pregnancy by releasing small amounts of hormones or preventing sperm from reaching the egg. If a woman is not breastfeeding, she can use an IUD during her next period.

Benefits of Using an IUD

IUDs are effective contraception devices that last for 10 years. Because of how the device works, it does not interfere with a woman’s sex drive. There are no side effects, and it does not interfere with a woman’s ability to have children in the future.

Complications With Using an IUD

In rare situations, a woman may experience uncomfortable side effects such as nausea, cramping, and bleeding. If the device moves out of place or causes discomfort in any way, a woman’s doctor can remove it. Although rare, the IUD can also lead to infection. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), about 2% of women who use an IUD as birth control will develop pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). The ACOG recommends women who have had PID in the past not use an IUD.

Birth Control Pill (BCP)

The BCP is one of the most common forms of birth control in the United States. The pill is taken daily and prevents pregnancy by preventing ovulation. The pill also thickens a woman’s cervical mucus to block sperm from entering the uterus and changes the lining of a woman’s uterus so that it is less receptive to an egg.

Benefits of Using a BCP

The pill does not interfere with having sex, although it does interfere with when a woman can have sex since she takes it daily. Women who travel frequently can use the BCP to space their periods out. Another benefit is that this is a non-invasive form of contraception.

Complications With Using a BCP

Most women will never experience side effects from taking the pill, but there are two situations when they may occur: breakthrough bleeding and spotting between periods. If a woman experiences severe cramping, nausea, or dizziness during her period, she should call her doctor immediately. Another consideration that comes with using birth control pills is that women must remember to take it at the same time every day.

Hormonal Implants

In 2013, the FDA approved hormonal implants made from a hormone called progesterone. This hormone prevents ovulation, thickens a woman’s cervical mucus, and changes the lining of her uterus so that it is not receptive to an egg (similar to the BCP). The implant is a flexible rod inserted in a woman’s upper arm. The implant lasts three years and a doctor must insert it.

Benefits of Using an Implant

Women can opt for the implant if they are eligible for birth control and want to prevent pregnancy now or in the future. The implant does not interrupt sex while it is being used. Women can still have healthy children when they are older and ready to have more children.

Complications With Using an Implant

Women who use the implant may experience irregular or no bleeding. Some women may experience headaches, nausea, and physical pain. For women who are breastfeeding, there is a risk of not having enough breast milk to feed a baby because of how progesterone affects the body. Women unable to conceive due to a medical condition cannot use it as their form of birth control.

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