What is a Doppler Study?

A Doppler flow study is an ultrasound imaging test performed to estimate the amount of blood flow through blood vessels. It works by bouncing high-frequency sound waves off of circulating red blood cells. In a gynecological setting, you may be advised to have a Doppler ultrasound if you are pregnant and Dr. Tepper thinks you or your unborn baby may have a blood flow issue.

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This test may be used during pregnancy to determine the health of the unborn baby and can check the blood flow in:

  • The baby’s brain.
  • The baby’s heart.
  • The umbilical vein and arteries.
  • Other organs of the baby.

Who Would Need a Doppler Flow Study?

This test is often used when it has been determined that a baby has intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). This describes when the baby is smaller than it should be for the number of weeks of pregnancy. A Doppler flow study may show that there is not enough blood flow in the umbilical vessels of the baby, meaning that the baby is not receiving enough blood, oxygen, and nutrients from the placenta. This test is also often used when a woman is pregnant with twins or multiples.

Prior to your Doppler study, Dr. Tepper will go over all of the necessary details, including how to prepare, what to expect during the test, and when you will receive the results. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions during this time, as we want you to be comfortable during this process.


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The Doppler Flow Ultrasound Procedure

There may be some preparation required for your Doppler flow ultrasound. This may include fasting for several hours before the test and avoiding nicotine products, as nicotine causes blood vessels to narrow, which can affect your results. We will provide you with any preparation instructions before your test.

During your Doppler ultrasound, you will lie on your back on the exam table. A special gel will then be placed on the skin of your abdomen, and a special device called a transducer will be moved over the area. This device will send sound waves into your body, and the movement of blood cells will cause a change in the pitch of the sound waves. These waves are recorded and changed into images or graphs for your doctor to read. This test usually takes 30-60 minutes to complete.

Once the Doppler ultrasound results are reviewed, Dr. Tepper will go over your test results with you and determine the necessary next steps.


Whether you are a new or returning patient, Dr. Tepper can assess your concerns and discuss your options to find the most comfortable and convenient care for you. To get started, call our office to set up an appointment.


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