It has been a whirlwind of emotions since you had your baby. You may feel like you have a new 24/7 job – and then all the sudden you get a reminder that your post-partum check-up is coming up! If you’re worried about what to expect, then here is a list of things you’ll discuss during your appointment with Dr. Alex Tepper.

Mental Health

Whether it’s your 1st or 4th child, the postpartum period can often be stressful. For this reason, we’ll ask you questions about your mood, your support system, and your sleep pattern. It’s important to be honest with your doctor so we can provide you with any support you may need.


Your doctor will ask about your breastfeeding journey. They can offer tips and educate you about common breastfeeding complications like mastitis, or infection of the breast tissue. Signs and symptoms of mastitis can include redness, tenderness, discharge, and swelling. Your doctor can make sure you know how to prevent it and when to reach out to us.

Wound Healing

Your doctor will assess any healing wounds you may have and give you tips on how to promote healing and prevent visible scarring. If you are having any type of pain or discomfort, be sure to let us know.

Bladder and Bowel Function

Your doctor will ask if you’re having any types of discomfort during bowel movements and can give you tips on how to prevent post-partum hemorrhoids and urine leakage. Your doctor may also assess your pelvic floor strength and may suggest a regimen of Kegel exercises.

Pregnancy Complications

If you’ve had any kind of pregnancy complications, your doctor will go over what this means and how to continue to have healthy future pregnancies.


Your doctor will let you know if and when you are cleared to exercise and what types of exercises are safe for you.

Sexual Intercourse, Family Planning, and Contraception

Sexual Intercourse

If you had a C-section or have any perineal stiches, your doctor will let you know the best time to resume sexual intercourse. Your doctor can also suggest ways to ensure sex is painless and comfortable for you.

Family Planning and Contraception

Your doctor will discuss your plans for future pregnancies and whether you are interested in contraception. If so, your doctor will discuss your options for contraception based on your plan.

Schedule an Appointment

Like always, our office is a safe place for you to ask any other questions that may help you feel at ease during this beautiful journey! To meet with our team, contact us by calling or filling out our online form.


Whether you are a new or returning patient, Dr. Tepper can assess your concerns and discuss your options to find the most comfortable and convenient care for you. To get started, call our office to set up an appointment.