What is Concierge Care?

At our office, we are proud to offer concierge care, or concierge medicine, which boasts round-the-clock physician access, same-day appointments, and highly-personalized, comprehensive care. Concierge doctors offer their services to patients directly in exchange for an affordable fee, usually paid monthly. This care model allows for physicians to have a better understanding of a patient’s past and current health in order to provide the highest level of service.

“I highly recommend Dr. Tepper!He is highly professional, experienced, and calming. My pregnancy and birth were such a positive experience thanks to him and his lovely staff at the clinic.”


Concierge care addresses the problems often seen with conventional medicine and provides a more personalized care approach that is focused on prevention. This ideology combined with the many benefits associated with concierge care helps to ensure that each of our patients receives the high-quality care they deserve.


Welcome to my practice. Let me introduce myself and my practice philosophy. I am a board certified OB/GYN in practice for over 20 years and have been a solo-practitioner on the Upper East Side of Manhattan since 2000. All deliveries are performed at The Mount Sinai Medical Center where I went to medical school and at Lenox Hill Hospital.

There are many benefits to concierge care, including:

  • Flexible appointment availability.
  • With fewer patients to see daily, Dr. Tepper can devote more time and energy to your appointment.
  • There is little to no wait time prior to your appointment.
  • Concierge care provides 24/7 access to Dr. Tepper concerning your health.
  • With more personalized and attentive care, you can enjoy a higher quality of service.
  • Seeing patients more often and for longer periods of time means concierge doctors can focus on preventive care, meaning they can identify and diagnose issues as they’re developing, rather than when they’re already serious.
  • You will receive prompt answers to your urgent health questions.
  • This model allows physicians to feel more satisfied with their work, and thus, more able to provide the best care possible to each patient.


Whether you are a new or returning patient, Dr. Tepper can assess your concerns and discuss your options to find the most comfortable and convenient care for you. To get started, call our office to set up an appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Concierge Care model?

A concierge model allows the patient direct access to her physician 24/7

What are the benefits of Concierge Care?

As a concierge OB/GYN, I am available to my patients 24/7. I know each of my patients clinical histories and specific needs. Each patient is a person and not merely a chart. Even when Im away (approximately 3 weeks per year), Im still available via email and certainly in close contact with the physician group that is covering my practice. My patients always feel that they are safe and under excellent & personalized care through my medical model .

How are Concierge physicians different than traditional physicians?

Quite simply this concierge model allows the patient to feel comfortable and develop a relationship with her physician. This basic concept has been lost over the last few decades due to to a combination of factors , but my concierge model allows patients to experience this type of medicine while receiving evidence based , excellent modern care .

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With our personalized treatment approach paired with cutting-edge technologies and techniques in the field, patients can be confident that they are receiving the best care possible. For more information regarding concierge care at our New York office, contact us today! We will be happy to address any of your questions as well as schedule your initial appointment with Dr. Tepper.

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