Having an OB/GYN you trust is imperative to your reproductive health journey. OB/GYNs in private practice are declining, as they continue to be bought out by large healthcare systems to expand their control to all aspects of patient care. This industry trend is not the best option for patients and medical professionals.

Studies show that independent practices, like ours run by Dr. Alex Tepper in NYC, provide better experience to patients than large systems’ OB/GYNs. Dr. Tepper has more than 20 years of experience in solo practice. He is one of the few remaining sole practitioners in Manhattan and is on-call 24/7.

Solo Practitioner OB/GYNs Provide Better Patient Care

Private practices can outdo larger healthcare systems in providing specialized patient care of higher quality. The main reason is that doctors in private practices have complete autonomy to make decisions without the constraints of their health system’s policies and procedures. Their independent clinical judgment leads to higher patient satisfaction, with high-level conversations built with committed patient education through open communication.

The autonomy also facilitates a more personalized relationship with patients, as Dr. Tepper isn’t overseeing hundreds of patients at a time, and excludes third-party influence on care decisions.

Finally, Dr. Tepper’s practice allows for flexible appointments to prevent overcrowding, reduce waiting time, and develop a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in the office.

Solo Practitioner OB/GYNs Charge Lower Patient Costs

Private practices have more flexibility to lower patient care costs. A solo practitioner can decide not to charge facility or hospital fees without consulting anybody.

Costs are also lower at a private practice because hospitals are often not as transparent either up front or on the final bill about the true cost to consumers of certain devices and procedures. By reducing overhead costs, solo practitioners pass the savings onto the patients, making a significant difference in their lives without the financial headache of overblown bills. This transparency and patient-centered approach increases trust from the patients, who know they’re supporting a doctor who’s helping their local community.

Solo Practitioner OB /GYN Enjoy Flexible Employment Options

Flexible employment options at first glance seem to benefit doctors, but a further evaluation shows they also benefit patients.

Medical practitioners work for many hours to satisfy often high demands from employers in large healthcare systems. This constant overworking reduces the quality of performance and over time can lead to mistakes both small and serious, as well as burnout.

An ideal medical practice should allow working for a period that feels comfortable without pushing doctors to the extent of causing a decline of work quality.

Unfortunately, working comfortable hours is a rarity in understaffed hospitals and is usually an afterthought. You can maintain a higher standard for you and others by supporting a private medical practice that provides reasonable hours for staffers while still providing excellent medical care.

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Dr. Alex Tepper, an obstetrician-gynecologist, is proud to serve those in New York City as an independent provider of care. This allows him to truly get to know all of his patients in a comfortable, trusting environment no matter what their needs are. Experience the difference by calling our office or contacting us online today.


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